Timing Belts

Your timing belt is a part in your Mercedes that is essential for your engine to function properly. It helps work as a link between the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure they are working in sync with another and don't collide. It's important to replace the timing belt when it has worn out to ensure that your engine will continue to perform well. It's an important part and you should take replacement seriously. There are different signs of a failing timing belt that could allow you to make a proactive replacement, before major damage occurs. You might start to hear strange noises coming from the engine area, including a ticking sound. Ticking noises are most often identified as a problem with the timing belt over other belts under the hood. If a timing belt is worn out, it can slip and cause your car's cylinders to open and close out of sync. The result can be your engine misfiring. If you find that your timing belt is wearing out and in need of replacement, ensure that you invest in a high quality OEM part made specifically for your make and model. We sell genuine Mercedes timing belts here on our site, so shop today.

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